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Welcome to Gastro Mammut, where culinary excellence meets a world-class selection of kitchen and catering products. Our extensive catalog is a treasure trove of innovation and quality, offering everything you need to elevate your culinary experience.

A Catalog Beyond Compare: At Gastro Mammut, we take pride in curating a diverse and extensive catalog of catering and kitchen products. From top-of-the-line kitchen equipment to elegant tableware.

We have the tools to meet the unique needs of your business or culinary venture.

Tailored Solutions Through Inquiries: To ensure that every client receives personalized attention, we operate primarily on inquiries. This means that you get more than just a product; you get a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Have a specific product in mind or need guidance on the best options for your kitchen or catering service? Simply send us an inquiry to meet the unique needs of your business or culinary venture.

How to Make an Inquiry: 

Email: Drop us an email at with your inquiry, and our team of experts will get back to you promptly.


Contact Form: Fill in our contact form on our website, providing details about your needs and preferences. We’ll reach out to you with a customized solution.

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At Gastro Mammut, we believe in transforming culinary visions into reality. Start your journey with us by making an inquiry today. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, let Gastro Mammut be your trusted partner in the world of kitchen and catering excellence.